The smell of plaster dust

The secret is out!  Our new premises are 4 Goldington Road, Bedford:

We’re currently refurbishing this lovely building, and we’ll have treatment and consultation rooms available for rent by the hour / half-day / day and very competitive prices, from March/April 2016.

We’ll also have offices available, so if you are looking for an office or treatment room close to town centre, accessible and with parking, then drop us a line and come and see what we are doing.

The carpenters and plumbers have already stared work, and the electricians and plasterers are lined up and ready to go.  

This week saw the destruction of a dividing stud-wall between two small toilets, to make way for a spacious, clean and bright disabled facility.  Our ground floor rooms have lovely wide doors and access will be easy in a wheelchair.

Here, you can see what happens in an old building when you don’t clean out your guttering often enough: Water ingresses and ‘blows’ your plaster away from the brickwork.  The plaster bulges out from beneath the wood-chip wallpaper, and when you poke it, what looks like sand runs out, and after a bit more poking you have a lovely bare brick wall.  A nice feature but not practical, so rest assured this will be plastered!

I love the smell of plaster dust, having fully refurbished a derelict 1908 property a decade ago.  I have missed the general chaos and excitement of it, so I am privileged and excited to be working on this now.

If dust isn’t your thing, then I’ll leave you with a view of some of the finishes we are using: new smart sink units in each treatment room, with sensor taps; encaustic tiled hall in sympathy with the period of the property, and some paint samples visible on the walls.

Keen an eye out for our latest updates, and if you want to know more of what we’re about, please drop me a line.  You can come and see what we’re doing, and if this might be your future Workspace, office or consulting room.

Happy New Year,

Helen Smallwood