Opening day in sight

After much activity, dozens of trades, and a lot of elbow grease from ourselves, colleagues, family and friends, the rooms are finally looking like rooms again, now with colour on the walls.  The finishes are great, thanks to Peter Olivadoti.

We have dozens of practitioners ready to move into our treatment rooms, where they will be providing high quality professional integrated medicine, from #Acupuncture to #Counselling and #ClinicalPsychology, #Osteopathy, #Nutrition, #Coaching, #Physiotherapy, #Yoga, #HerbalMedicine and many, many more. 

The second fix electrical is partially done, and the flooring is on schedule, the base for the disabled toilet flooring is complete, with the suite ready for fitting once the floor is in.  The building will be fully accessible for all physical abilities.

In the entrance hall, we’re about to start re-laying the flagstones, and we have found an expert who can clean and restore the flagstones to their former glory, by removing the bitumen and dirt that have built up over 180 years. 

All that will remain then is second fix plumbing and moving the furniture in to the treatment rooms and offices.

Keep a look out here for the opening days and events, and if you are interested in treatment rooms or offices, drop us a line.  We’re happy to show you around the building as is, because it is easy to envisage the finished product!

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