Bedford Consulting Rooms – Acupuncture at 4 Goldington Road

Bedford Consulting Rooms are occupying treatment rooms at 4 Goldington Road, where a team of multi-disciplinary professional healthcare providers are available for you.

Our partners Shaftesbury Clinic provide acupuncture for many different conditions, with fully qualified and insured acupuncturists who are always happy to talk about what they do and the suitability of acupuncture for various conditions.  Acupuncturists Helen Smallwood, Philip Rose-Neil and Louise England work here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Head over the Shaftesbury Clinic Website to find out all about the team and what they do.  They are also very sociable, and you can follow and interact with them on twitter, facebook, pinterest,, googleplus and







We are open! Come and visit (by appointment!)

So, how’s the refurbishment going at 4 Goldington Road?  What have we been up to?

Firstly, Peter Olivadoti has been busy painting classical shades of green, duck egg and grey…  along with crisp white gloss on the architraves, picture rails and skirting.  The hall got new egg-and-dart ceiling roses to match the original cornicing.  Like it?

What else?  I hear you ask… Remember what I was saying earlier about the year in regards to working in a building with no heating?  Happily that’s no longer the case, take a look at the new radiators that RW Knights have fitted for us.  Stylish and warm – even in this 1830/40 building.

Speaking of the plumbing, the new disabled toilet is complete, and Adam Cooke electrician and team have fitted the hand-drier, and sensor-activated lights to what is now a fully-accessible toilet to wheelchair users, and includes a baby-change facility.

Also, the newly fitted kitchen (thank you Peter O.) is now all ready for our practitioners’ tea breaks.

The flagstones in the hall have been relaid, cleaned and matching ones sourced from salvage.  All that remains is the final sealing of this lovely feature.  The hallway is a great mix of modern and classic, with the flagstones and classic duck-egg walls, egg-and-dart cornicing and ceiling roses alongside modern brushed metal industrial pendant and wall lights.  It provides a relaxing and inspiring waiting area.

Several new light fittings and electronic door entry systems later, things were looking more complete…

The final touches a clinic needs are of course the basins, couches, sharps, desks and chairs.. and they arrived from their various suppliers in dribs and drabs until finally we were at a stage where we could complete our environmental health requirements and pass the requirements to start providing all our treatments from Monday 25th April!

And of course from the outside, you can see that the skips are gone, the accessible ramp is finished, and all we have to say is: Come and visit us soon, you are very welcome!

word cloud 4gr picture

Opening day in sight

After much activity, dozens of trades, and a lot of elbow grease from ourselves, colleagues, family and friends, the rooms are finally looking like rooms again, now with colour on the freshly-plastered walls.  The finishes are great, thanks to Peter Olivadoti.

We have dozens of practitioners ready to move into our treatment rooms, where they will be providing high quality professional integrated medicine, from #Acupuncture to #Counselling and #ClinicalPsychology, #Osteopathy, #Nutrition, #Coaching, #Physiotherapy, #Yoga, #HerbalMedicine and many, many more. 

The second fix electrical is partially done, and the flooring is on schedule, the base for the disabled toilet flooring is complete, with the suite ready for fitting once the floor is in.  The building will be fully accessible for all physical abilities.

In the entrance hall, we’re about to start re-laying the flagstones, and we have found an expert who can clean and restore the flagstones to their former glory, by removing the bitumen and dirt that have built up over 180 years. 

All that will remain then is second fix plumbing and moving the furniture in to the treatment rooms and offices.

Keep a look out here for the opening days and events, and if you are interested in treatment rooms or offices, drop us a line.  We’re happy to show you around the building as is, because it is easy to envisage the finished product!

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Springing into action – stripping, scraping, stud-walling and scaffolding

February is looking and feeling spring-like, which is a bonus when you are working on a building whose heating is set at a mere frost-protection level.  

Sunlight has poured in over the newly bare walls.  Having spent days slaving over several wallpaper steamers (thanks for the friendly and helpful services of Jennifer and team at HSS Bedford) to remove the delightful woodchip paper, we have a blank canvas to work on.

We’re almost onto second fix, and at the stage of choosing light fittings, wall colours and finishes.

The opening date?  

From 18th April, clincs will be running in acupuncture, psychology, nutrition, naturopathy, Western herbal medicine, osteopathy, reflexology, laser hair removal, counselling, life coaching and more to be confirmed very soon.  Just prior to that we will have some opening events and launches in the preceding weeks.  Watch this space for more information, on dates and timings.

Tel: 07504 544063

2016-02-02 Banner BWL 4GR

Things are getting Pinteresting

We’re so sociable that not only do we write this lovely blog, and chat and share on twitter and facebook, but we also have an interest in Pinterest!  So whatever your social interest, you can follow us to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget, for offices and treatment rooms near Bedford Town centre, we could be just the #Workspace for you – so have a chat with us and find out more, when ever you’re ready.

For the next installment, [or should that be installation?]

The smell of plaster dust persists; but the smell of wet, new plaster and fresh wood shavings has superseded it.  We’ve also uncovered some exciting treats…

The mild weather has been kind to us, which helps to keep the fresh air moving as the works continue.  It’s also been fairly convenient for the roofing work.

The first skip was filled in less than a week, and there’s more where that came from.  Bye-bye, leaky old radiators and pipework; RW Knights plumbers are on the case with new stylish ones!  Hot and cold running water in every treatment room is a must, and so is a fully equipped disabled toilet facility.

2016-01-24 skip 1 full

Contractors of every trade are in out for the first fixes, and the delight that is steaming off old woodchip paper that’s been encrusted with a dozen layers of paint, has commenced for the general labourers (i.e. me plus volunteers at the weekends).

Electrician Adam Cooke and team are also looking after all things sparky for us, and alongside the various sockets and spurs you’d expect, we’ve plans for feature lighting in the welcoming entrance we’re overhauling.  

Sallie from Interiors at 58 has been advising us for the consultation room that acupuncturist Philip Rose-Neil will be based in, and we’re excited to see what she has in mind; look at her website for a flavour of her work, which has been featured in the Evening Standard and other media.

For the room I’ll be primarily using, I’ve been putting together a mood board, which has entailed studying fifty shades of green in great depth.  [I said “green”].  This is to match the smart grey basin units that are going into each consultation room (below), and to stay in keeping with the same calm and professional theme colours I’ve used in all the stationery and website content since the clinic was founded in 2008.  Other rooms are following suit in the design stakes.

2016-01-24 4gr mood board HPAS room

Also hard at work on site, you’ll find carpenter Craig Wesley and his apprentice, Alfie who have been patiently refurbishing windows and doors which were in various states of anything from painted-shut to rotten.  Peter Olivadoti, carpenter and plasterer has been getting to grips with everything that is stud walls, boxing in, (more) doors and making good, with lots more in the pipeline as we go. @ADT have made us safe and secure in every sense.

Way up top, the roofers have been at work, and meanwhile we’ve discovered a stone floor we’d like to see about refurbishing, so all in all there’s activity from top to toe.

Every day, patients are asking us when we’re moving:  “Not yet”, we say, “but it won’t be long now”.  Things are moving apace, and we’re lined up, and we want you all to come to our opening day… So, keep watching this WorkSpace.

Have a great week!


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The smell of plaster dust

The secret is out!  Our new premises are 4 Goldington Road, Bedford:

We’re currently refurbishing this lovely building, and we’ll have treatment and consultation rooms available for rent by the hour / half-day / day and very competitive prices, from March/April 2016.

We’ll also have offices available, so if you are looking for an office or treatment room close to town centre, accessible and with parking, then drop us a line and come and see what we are doing.

The carpenters and plumbers have already stared work, and the electricians and plasterers are lined up and ready to go.  

This week saw the destruction of a dividing stud-wall between two small toilets, to make way for a spacious, clean and bright disabled facility.  Our ground floor rooms have lovely wide doors and access will be easy in a wheelchair.

Here, you can see what happens in an old building when you don’t clean out your guttering often enough: Water ingresses and ‘blows’ your plaster away from the brickwork.  The plaster bulges out from beneath the wood-chip wallpaper, and when you poke it, what looks like sand runs out, and after a bit more poking you have a lovely bare brick wall.  A nice feature but not practical, so rest assured this will be plastered!

I love the smell of plaster dust, having fully refurbished a derelict 1908 property a decade ago.  I have missed the general chaos and excitement of it, so I am privileged and excited to be working on this now.

If dust isn’t your thing, then I’ll leave you with a view of some of the finishes we are using: new smart sink units in each treatment room, with sensor taps; encaustic tiled hall in sympathy with the period of the property, and some paint samples visible on the walls.

Keen an eye out for our latest updates, and if you want to know more of what we’re about, please drop me a line.  You can come and see what we’re doing, and if this might be your future Workspace, office or consulting room.

Happy New Year,

Helen Smallwood

A #Workspace in Town Centre, with Parking?

Yes, that’s right.  Bedford Workspace are happy to announce the imminent opening of our offices and clinical rooms right next to Bedford town centre.

With ten parking spaces; light, spacious and professional rooms newly renovated we are looking forward to welcoming small businesses and healthcare professionals to work within our lovely environment.

Bedford Workspace can offer you convenient and smart offices, close to town, in offices alongside other reputable professional small businesses.

Bedford Consulting Rooms can offer treatment rooms with couches, sharps disposal and clean facilities in a professional environment alongside other highly qualified practitioners.

Are you looking for an office to expand your business out of your spare room?  Or a two-person office to expand from your current acccommodatio and take on a staff member?

Image result for healthcare copywrite freeAre you setting up, expanding or moving your healthcare practice in physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, counselling or other allied healthcare?  Are you a health care professional interested in new premises?

If so, don’t hesitate to speak to us, you could be in a wonderful new #workspace this Spring 2016!

For offices or clinic rooms, please start by emailing and we’ll take it from there.

More information, pictures and updates coming soon!



What does your #workspace look like?

What does your workspace look like?  Do you love it, or would you like to move and change the place you work in?

books deskMaybe you are working from home, in or near #Bedford but the business has got too busy and you need more room; and some quiet away from a busy family life.

Perhaps your current office is cramped, dark or tired.  You could be doing so well that need to take on someone to work with you, but you don’t have room.

If you have been looking for a new #workspace you may be finding it difficult as more and more offices are being converted into flats and residential accommodation, and the general trend over the past decade or so has been for the self-employed to work from home, as during the recession this kept overheads down.full desk

Coming out of the recession, self-employed people are finding themselves busier, just like you.  Is you are looking for a solution, and a space to create and grow your work…  Watch this space